Tausif Malik asked Dr Sayeed about his background, about his product and his future plans. Excerpts from an interview:

Good morning, DrMohammed S.Sayeed thanks foryour time, we would like to know about your background?

I grew up in Kuwait after my high school, went to India to do my Dentistry (BDS), then did a oneyear Oral and Maxillofacial surgery training in London, and later came to the US to study DDS for 2 years at University of Illinois, College of Dentistry.After completing my DDS program and passing the board exams, I worked with a Dental office and later opened first clinic in 2003.WithAlmighty’s grace I have three dental clinics in Chicagoland area. I’m married with five children, and we live in a Chicago suburb.

How did the idea of Miswak toothbrush develop?

While practicing dentistry, I read various research studies that say the Miswak is better than using the regular toothbrush and paste. In eastern societies and religion, Miswak is highly recommended especially in Islam and ayurveda.Actually the word, Miswak means dental concept in Middle Eastern society and the wooden stick is called Salvadora persica. The Miswak stick has lot of benefits if used in

a proper way, like if you cut the chewed part on regular places. For example, I have seen a lot of people in the Middle East carrying the stick in the pocket but realized that by keeping the stick in their pocket for long periods without periodically cutting the stick were detrimental to the gums. Also, there are several benefits along with keep the teeth and gums free from germs, bacteria, plaque, and it is also good for digestion. Hence, I thought let me collaborate my experience and dental knowledge with traditional science. This was the starting point to develop the Miswak toothbrush.

But Dr Sayeed, we have Miswakbased toothpaste? Why a toothbrush?

Yes, there are several Miswakbased toothpastes, but we still use the regular toothbrush for cleaning. My concept is to use the way the product nature has given and dental science has proved that the regular brush defeats the purpose of brush as it requires firstly the will, then the bathroom, then water and paste & brush, so one needs various elements to clean the teeth. Miswak MAXX and Miswak mini eliminates all these elements

Please tell us more about Miswak Toothbrush?

Miswak MAXX and Miswak mini eliminates all the elements, you just need your will and these products to clean your teeth.

Miswak MAXX is designed for individuals, who can carry their in their pockets or can leave at their home or office to clean their teeth after every meal or drink. Miswak mini is designed for individuals, who like to clean their teeth after every meal or drink and dispose them after use. The brush heads are made from freshly cut flavored and packed pieces of Miswak that are use and throw, thereby avoiding the above problem.

What are the benefits of Miswak toothbrush vs. traditional brush?

Apart from scientific research, they are environmentally friendly because biodegradable, no water or paste, reuseable handle and the handle plastic is also biodegradable. It is truly a brush on the move and it is also vegan (vegetarian) as we have not used any chemicals or products which have animal base.

What are your future plans for new products or expansion?

Focus on Miswakbased products like electric version, chewing gum, mouthwash, floss etc.

Any message for aspiring creators?

Get ready for a very tough road ahead!! Keep focus and always try to look at the brighter side.